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Listed are 101 musings for all to read. Hope you enjoy them. I got these on a deck of cards that I have.

You cannot change the truth, but the truth can change you.
Life is like a cup of coffee: Sometimes you have to go through the grind, but God fills it up with a special blend.
Jesus comes with a lifetime guarantee.
God...You Rock! (Psalms 62:2)
Why is it exhausting to sit in church for one hour, but exhilarating to sit in front of the tv for three?
When we start kneeling down, things start looking up.
Jesus is the reason for the...well...for everything!
When we don't see every day with the eyes of faith, we're blind to everyday miracles.
A lot of people claim they speak for Jesus, but I'd rather open the Bible and let Him speak for Himself.
When I get in a jam, it's usually because I've been picking forbidden fruit.
Do the math: 1 cross + 3 nails = 4 given When feeling sheepish, turn to the Shepherd.
God is the Author of life...and like any author, he receives rejection notices.
Q: What's the recommended vitamin for Christians? A: B1
Sometimes miracles fall from heaven...but most of the time, they're right at our feet.
The Holy Spirit gives His gifts of Love, Joy, and Peace free of charge...yet most people go elsewhere to buy them.
Some people get frustrated because they can't do they end up doing nothing.
God wants to be a part of every little bitty teeny tiny itsy bitsy thing in your day. (sorry, but I can't get this to size the way I want it to, so bear with
Where there's a long row to hoe, remember: He's still in charge of the garden.
You're on His calendar today.
"Send me!" "Send me!" sounded so exciting...until God replied, "OK, I Will."
A Dandelion is a simple weed or a splendid flower, depending on how you look at it.
Being a Christian isn't a postition, it's a process.
If you're struggling to keep an even keel, let Him take over the oars for a while.
A thankful heart is one that's grace- full for all its blessings.
Behold, I stand at the door, and knock (Revelation 3:20 KJV). Most of the time, we pretend we're not home.
If I want Jesus to guide my footsteps, I have to get up off the chair and start walking.
Be stubborn--never move out of the way.
When life lets you down, God lifts you up.
If God kept a family photo album, your picture would be in it.
God's office hours: 24/7. Always Open.
Deep-seated troubles and long-standing trials are best handled in knee- bending prayer.
God invites us to drop our burden on Him. And unlike the dry cleaning, we don't have to pick it up again.
Your Father is waiting for you to call.
Harboring a grudge is like going in debt--the pay-back on both takes a lot out of you.
A car and my mouth have one thing in common--both can run people down (NOT ME...sry ppl, but this one is NOT me)
The Top Ten List is not a modern invention (speaking of the 10 Commandments)
There's rarely a bellhop at the door of opportunity, so it pays to push it open.
More is accomplished by folding the hands than by wringing them.
If life were a do-it-yourself project, God would not have left instructions.
God calls the qualified and qualifies the called...which sort of wipes out all my excuses (not mine...lmao)
Sometimes avoiding sin is just a matter of NO-ing.
God was my co-pilot until I realized I'd better let Him do the driving.
When I'm tempted to laugh at someone else, I just look into the mirror and find all the material I need.
Avoid truth decay--brush up on the Bible daily.
Directions from here to heaven can be found in Genesis through Revelation.

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